Super Cars Duel : Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1

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Super Cars Duel : Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1

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Ferrari Enzo VS McLaren F1
Super Cars Duel Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1, A comparison of the ultimate supercar is related to the comparison of the various attributes of the world’s leading super models: It’s all fantasy turns your crank, so few of us mortals ever to test the car ride or date models. The few who own both an Enzo and F1 will tell you immediately that the level of performance in the car so high that only professional drivers and to compare with the limits.
THE CHAMP: McLaren F1 cars and was developed by McLaren designer Gordon Murray, the motivation behind the F1 was the best ever to build trams, whatever the cost. The design goal was to provide the highest power-weight ratio possible in a user-friendly, roadworthy machine to create. For this purpose, the McLaren F1 in the first road car to a full carbon chassis and body with lightweight composites and exotic metals during the entire duration of use. A magnesium cast BMW engine in a very simple (and very expensive) transverse gearbox coupled helpful weight.

Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1

The McLaren F1 is surprisingly small on the outside but is actually seats three people, by two people, a center-position driver supports. The seated position is difficult to adjust, but it provides an ideal weight. Satisfying the first two pages of the manual titled “in” and the next two refer to “out”.

Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1 : McLaren F1

Super Cars Duel Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1 If you want the master controls fall perfectly to hand McLaren with the gearshift on the right by four clock. The view from the panoramic windscreen, and the level of “big, bold numbers on a white background, a study of the efficacy. But despite the excellent ergonomics, feel the McLaren dashboard layout and shift dated, especially compared with the Innovative design of the Enzo.
Behind the steering wheel and the brakes are on the heavy side, but with an overwhelming response, as expected, as the 6.1-liter V12 with a couple great performance that never ends, in any gear, at any time. Fifth is entirely suitable for use with 35 km / h. All the 210-key only risen astronomically as the speed increases.
McLaren decided to technologies like power steering, power brakes, drive, traction control, traction control, stability control and reject all known and on the Internet at the time their relationship with the McLaren Formula One racing team. But really, only the ABS is wrong, and how, because it takes a top-level rider to feather the brakes on this car in the wet or a panic situation. Yet the saving of weight with all the electronics giant is absent: The F1 weighs just 2500 pounds, against 3230 for the Enzo.
For all those missing the “The car has to assume an active aerodynamics with a few small fans to pull air from diffusers under the car, so no huge rear wing is necessary to ensure the stability to hold at high speeds, but not a small rear spoiler back to give rise to any output.
Their biggest fear driving a Formula 1 car that is just as good, the eggs faster and faster, in a performance that fantasy land back to bite you if your talents.

Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1 : Ferrari Enzo

The Challenger: Enzo Ferrari Enzo Ferrari is certainly the best supercar in the war effort to date, but it’s still second in the race for the fastest car there. Designed by Pininfarina, built the Enzo, a Formula One race cars are similar but not obsessed with McLaren-for-speed attention to the maximization of power to weight. The result is that much on the Enzo tried to design a vehicle with an open-wheel racing, and at least in my eyes, the styling is suffering, especially as Ferrari continued the earlier efforts, the more attractive in F40 and F50 Compare.
As is now common in most super sports cars from the Enzo’s chassis is made of carbon, while the body uses a combination of aluminum and carbon fi Ber. Huge air intakes make the Enzo to generate massive downforce, while a retractable rear spoiler is small at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. The cab-forward interior sports a lot of carbon fiber, a semi-automatic six-speed transmission, launch control and a variable damping suspension for luxury cruises.
6.0-liter atmospheric The Enzo’s V12 can rev to 8,000 rpm, but 80 percent of its torque is only 3,000. In accordance with the light theme, the V12 is one of the lightest in the world is only 496 pounds. By comparison, the 427-ci engine in the Cobra weighed 680 pounds.
Available with the latest high-tech gadgets of their own Formula 1 program tailored to the Enzo a techie dream. Advanced technology, such as stability control, electronic brake force distribution, traction control, ABS and keep the car under control, making it more user friendly than the McLaren. The Enzo has a driver-controlled, top-down elevator on the front, cracking in and out of driveways take.
Performance Summary-The figures speak for themselves: While the stock markets, F1 “only” 627 horsepower compared to the Enzo’s 650, and McLaren have it with 479 ft-lbs torque to the Ferrari 485 not mentioned (at Redline 7,500 rpm for F1 by 8k limit the Enzo’s), continues its smaller mass of McLaren Racing. The Enzo is a lead 717 pounds heavier than the F1.
The McLaren goes from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds, the Ferrari in 3.5 seconds. McLaren’s 0-100 mph time of 6.3 seconds while the Ferrari takes 6.6 seconds. And finally, is 0-150 km / h in just 12.8 seconds McLaren, while Ferrari is back on a few tenths of 13.1.
The Enzo’s front-end aerodynamics and other high-tech gadgets weigh the cars to the point that the speed limit is only an estimated 218 hours mile, well below the 240 mph McLaren documented. Yes, the F1 is still the fastest road car ever, with its old and ten years of technology.
Although F1 is the middle-and high-speed acceleration easily beats the Enzo is a factor that is much easier for those who have driven both cars with me that the large, state-of-the-art ceramic disc brakes of the Ferrari slightly larger McLaren than the steel brakes.
The McLaren F1 was a successful attempt to the best road car ever built, regardless of cost, while the Enzo was always intended to earn money for Ferrari, who most certainly is. This, by its nature creates all other production criteria: While the build quality was good, and the Enzo, the McLaren just perfect.
Exclusivity is built in the F1 and with only 64 cars the road against 399 Enzos (up six to ten pre-production prototypes, which eventually make their way into private hands). This makes the ultra-rich copper odds of meeting anther Enzo on the road for half a F1 meeting healthy six to one, which Ferrari seems almost “common.”
Money Talks maintenance of both cars are staggering, although no doubt their owners do not deal with the store accounts. An F1 needs a new clutch every 3000 to 6000 miles, at a cool $ 12,000. Its $ 25,000 fuel cells to replace every five years. A replacement starter is a 90-hour job, if the engine must be removed, and that runs $ 12,000. If you are the transverse transaxle, expect a $ 100k to repair.
Like the Enzo, they are all still under warranty, but soon this will change and many Ferrari Service Manager will go shopping for new luxury boats. Once out of warranty, a full brake job with the new carbon fiber ($ 2300 and $ 2.100 for back) and rotors ($ 7400 each) will be in the range of $ 40,000, while a new clutch should cost a modest $ 6,000.

Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1 Video Compare with Fifth Gear

The ultimate test for the cars is of course the market. The private-spec Enzo us first sold in the market brought $ 1,350,000, but the prices were dropping and the current “ask” is in the range of $ 1.15 million, while “sell” itself is certainly less. In the coming months, almost every American spec Enzo for one year are over, “you-can-sell” imposed date of Ferrari, and I personally know of six owners on the implementation of their plans on the market. This will only lower prices.
Some McLaren F1 change hands each year, with the last sale in the auction house Christie’s in London 2 December 2003 for $ 1,257,750. (See the English Profile, page 48). Christie’s F1 for another $ 961,875 through June 16, 2003 sold. While the Enzo has the edge on the market as of this moment, the F1 has clearly passed the test of time, and to appreciate, while Enzo loses value, if slowly, for the next ten years or so. In the long term mean the difference in the production figures for the F1 will always be worth more than the Enzo. How much more? At least 25 percent, in my book.

Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1 Summary

Both the Ferrari Enzo and McLaren F1 cars are very few ever see, let alone drive or not to call their own. While I am a Ferrari guy at heart, has just said that F1 is the fastest, most expensive and most exclusive super sports car I have ever had the opportunity to ride. And either would be most welcome in my garage.
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