The quietest Lamborghini ever built unveiled in Paris

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The quietest Lamborghini ever built unveiled in Paris

Lamborghini is best known as a guardian of grunt, but it has unveiled something entirely different at the Paris Motor Show: a plug-in hybrid. The Asterion is Lambo's most powerful hypercar ever, but even the head designer took some convincing the way to go was electric

This week in Paris the world’s luxury automakers will show off their best new work.
The Mondial de l’Automobile 2014 (Paris Auto Show) opens to the public on this Saturday, October 4, primed to dovetail perfectly with the final catcalls of Paris Fashion Week. And like the fashion designers before them, automakers will be doing their best to scatter their own catwalks, as it were, with style.
These days, with consumers more educated and demanding than ever, they’ve got to.
One crucial debut is Lamborghini’s Asterion, a brand-new plug-in hybrid electric concept. The car has 910 horsepower and will go 31 miles (50 km) on pure electric energy before engaging its motor. CEO Stephan Winkelmann called it a ‘ground-breaking, crucial step’ for the Volkswagen AG-owned company.

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