Elly Tran and the word 'confession' about sexy image

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                                  Elly Tran and the word 'confession' about sexy image

Along heard this sizzling hot girl cooed about yourselves.

- Hi Elly! I'm curious, why are you the last two years a new "touch input" art village rather than forward from the front?

Recently new way Elly art by Elly then feel old enough to be able to choose their path.

Elly capital and majored in tourism and education to 3 years. Elly's parents do not want their children in art was initially opposed to his choice. That time Elly quite bewildered, thinking more about higher education to follow family tradition and the entertainment industry. Finally Elly thought, now still young, I want to do what I love to not have to regret later. So, Elly began to entertainment.

- My parents did not like children, but the art and Elly still under construction and the sexy pictures hot girl, hot. This can make your family grieve?

As Elly said, her parents initially did not support his choice. And from the little people have seen images of Elly and then, suddenly'm not new now. Thus, both relatives and friends Elly are seen no matter what.

- But Elly Oh, you have that sexy image that you have pursued in accordance with traditional cultural VN accustomed to the lack of feminine, gentle, discreet?

Elly is a young person and a normal person in the world and always entertaining. Talking about the sexy, Elly felt her many more sexy. They may be naked, nude, semi-nude ... but Elly then do something like that. It is the working principle of Elly then. Outside of work, Elly is a normal person with a normal outfit but where is always sexy.

But what is consistent with the traditional culture of VN or not, Elly was not the first to use a sexy image to join showbiz. Earlier also she had many trials and through this style, up to now there is so many people. Elly does not think he represents this sexy style.
- Elly So you think the cool, sexy style that is an advantage to help you quickly get promoted his image abroad, become hot girl in many countries - something that few artists can do Vietnam be?

If you can say cool promotional images Elly found out it is not necessarily so for obvious level where his cool by many people is "cool" Where. By Elly is known, then people not only enjoy their sexy image and Elly also enjoyed a normal, hardworking school. And many people have said about Elly is a dynamic young woman, well-educated.

The step into the entertainment or promotional image abroad as well as all the charm of Elly. As said Elly, Elly previous 3 years traveling to school and then to follow the family tradition but where the participants think about art.

Walking overseas also have some Elly contract. When the VN Elly also many opportunities as Saigon Yo movies and some other movies ... Elly think all art is its charm.

- Some people believe that only by Elly famous appearance was in addition no account whatsoever. Elly has said anything about this comment?

Talking about the Elly looks beautiful nor brilliant or anything really. So if say based celebrity appearance that many more celebrities Elly.
- So Elly has continued to pursue this sexy hot girl image will refresh yourself or with a different image can be caused by a public fed up when I just keep a picture alone?

Elly be yourself and not try to make yourself not iconic. Elly as well as young people, each day a more mature, his style is natural that follow.

- Well, now mainstream artists is to develop multi-zi. Elly will "catch up" to the movement as well as a multi-zi artist to you?

Elly does not run blindly movement even in work or in life. Things Elly has done and is doing what feels Elly suit themselves. Elly just like doing things I really liked it. With Elly, still quality rather than quantity.

- What about your future plans be?

Later this month, Elly will to Taiwan to work and communicate with the fans inside it. Then make advertising in Shanghai. In parallel with this work, Elly will read 2 new scenario of a plastic film and a TV series to watch her ​​was not involved.

- Thanks for sharing this about Elly. Wish you always successful path we have chosen entertainment

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