Hot Girls Du Yifei

Posted by Black Duc On Friday, April 26, 2013 0 nhận xét

Beautiful form with 'the right' cattails at Shanghai Exhibition

The beautiful 23-year-old, 180cm tall with a pretty face become more sexy costumes latex catsuit material with rubber tails and wigs.

 Du Yifei - model cars "hot" China now - just get attention at the Shanghai Auto Show with cattails leather clothes and pink wig.

 Du Yifei famous Guangzhou Auto Show 2012 with leather clothing costumes black cat.
 The model is 180cm tall and she is 23 years old
 Du Yifei entered the village of Chinese car model from the age of 14.
 The template type is familiar shape headrest right hand side the Landwind SUV X5.

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